Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management is tough work. There are many moving parts: personalities, politics, organizational restructuring, technical requirements, shifting environments, emerging opportunities, unplanned crises, and all this in a tangle of information overload.

The master tool for cutting through this mess is the full-scale engagement of your Most Valuable Players (MVPs). These people are the powerful influencers who make widespread, sustained change a reality. Chapter 3 of Getting Change Right is dedicated to identifying and activating these players. In fact, the book is a manual for running a change initiative.

You absolutely can get your MVPs working together on multiple fronts to see change through. That’s what Getting Change Right is all about. I detail how. I chunk the primary activities into achievable tasks. For each there are templates, frameworks, and step-by-step instructions drawn from on-the-ground experience in real-life change.


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