“Getting Change Right” is a Course – Here is the Curriculum

I have been asked by several agencies and a university to turn my book into a course they can deliver to help their managers and leaders get change right on a consistent basis.

The syllabus I use is a skeleton for action learning; i.e., it is delivered in parallel with a program that the organization’s leaders carry out, engaging their staff and stakeholders. This kind of learning puts the action where it is most useful. The student-leaders get real life experience and the course becomes more than a source of knowledge. It turns into a learning laboratory, supporting day-to-day operations.

Below is a high-level view of the syllabus, based on my book. You can download a copy of the syllabus here.

1. Creating Rapid, Widespread Engagement

  • Five ways to penetrate information overload
  • Five Techniques for Creating a Shared Stake in Success
  • Eight Conversations that Create the Future

2. Communicating so People Get It and Spread It

  • Five Questions that Trigger Professional Excitement
  • Interacting with Audiences of Different Sizes
  • Six Goals for Interactions with Others

3. Energizing Your Most Valuable Players

  • Fourteen Categories of Most Valuable Players (MVPs)
  • How to Activate and Equip MVPs for Success
  • Five Energizers for MVPs

4. Understanding the Territory of Change

  • Eight StoryListening Skills
  • Five Gems to Gather through StoryListening
  • Six Steps to Creating a Reconnaissance Report

5. Accelerating Change through Performance Communities

  • Three Dimensions of Successful Performance Communities
  • Three Ways to Balance Vertical and Horizontal Learning
  • Ten Ways to Build Performance Communities

6. Generating Dramatic Surges in Progress

  • Ten Guidelines for Creating Touchstone Events
  • Five Ways to Support Participants following a Touchstone Event
  • Eight Guidelines for Using Storytelling to Accelerate Growth

7. Breaking through Logjams

  • Four Requirements for a Successful Breakthrough
  • Six-Step Protocol for a Successful Breakthrough Session

8. WorkLifeSuccess in the Midst of Change

  • Four Ways to Defeat Stress
  • Seven Questions to Unearth Assumptions

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