Use the release of my book, Getting Change Right, as a powerful agent to advance your program

A new book is a grand excuse to move people and agendas forward in large strides. For example, the Department Of Defense just purchased 300 copies of my book and is flying me to Boston to address the Defense Leadership Summit. Now, I think my book is great and I guess they do, too. But, when something like this happens I know that they are using me and my book as an opportunity to send a message to their people.

Over the next four months I have scheduled six kinds of events:

  1. Keynote speeches
  2. Senior Staff development sessions
  3. Board development sessions
  4. Creating a surge for a specific initiative
  5. A fundraiser
  6. Project implementation oversight

Each of these has the potential to generate progress for a change program. I have adapted the material to individual clients’ needs so the event propels their efforts.


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