Steve Denning on Radical Management, New Book, and Smithsonian Storytelling Conference

In this 15 minute interview Steve Denning, founder of the annual Smithsonian weekend on organizational storytelling, talks about his latest interest and upcoming book, Radical Management.
Steve is the central organizer and the force behind the Smithsonian’s Annual Storytelling Conference in Washington, DC. Radical Management will be his topic this year when he addresses the audience along with five other major league speakers.
The Financial Times said of Steve’s last book, “If business leaders do not immediately grasp the vital insights offered by The Secret Language of Leadership, both they and their organisations are doomed.”

In this 18 minute interview Steve talks about:

  • How he discovered islands of excellence where work was going exceedingly well
  • What software geeks have to teach us about excellent customer service
  • The inevitable, fundamental shift that is taking place today in organizations that get it
  • The characteristics and dynamics of management that lead to extraordinary performance
  • Building the capacity to solve difficult problems in a form of continuous improvement that yields exceptional results: delighting clients in an environment that is rewarding to work in while it generates massive increases in productivity.

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