Speaking to Groups of all Sizes

Over the course of the last six posts I have provided guidance on addressing different size groups. This includes the five sizes of audiences you will find yourself addressing:

  1. One-to-one: You talk with one other person
  2. One-to-a-few: You talk with a group of two to five others
  3. One-to-a-small-group: You talk with five to thirty others
  4. One-to-a-large-group: You talk with thirty to three hundred others
  5. One-to-a-very-large-group: You talk with more than three hundred others, including thousands of people

I have since used these principles with audiences that contain many thousands, and they work well… just as well when it’s you and one other. Never stop listening. Never, never give up interaction: it is the stuff of communication. There must be a back-and-forth dialogue. Always be ready to engage. There is nothing like hearing a collective response that lets you know you have reached thousands of people. This alone creates gravity, bringing people to your cause.


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