3 Ways to Create a Culture of Opportunity Identification

When the economy goes south and rules change, it is always an opportunity. Think of Fortune Magazine. Begun in the Great Depression, selling for $1 per issue, it seemed like a really bad idea. People were standing in the bread line – who would buy?  But, Fortune had a value proposition that was in line with the times: highlighting business practices of companies that were successful in such difficult circumstances.

I have clients today who have come to me to ask how they can create a “Culture of Opportunity Identification,” a corporate environment where everyone – top to bottom – takes accountability for spotting opportunities.  Here are three must-haves for such a climate to exist:

  1. People need to know the capabilities of the organization – what business are you in? Will everyone – top to bottom – articulate a similar statement?
  2. People must know what kind of business is “good business.” You must educate all staff on what represents growth, what success looks like.
  3. There has to be a clear process in place for what to do once an opportunity is spotted.  Who do I tell? What’s the next step?

Generally, I recommend an all-hands meeting to lay out these three, giving people the time to have serious dialog and arrive at a unified understanding as a community.


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