4 Guidelines for Creating an Engaging Value Proposition

When you tell people about your change initiative, you want to capture their attention with a compelling, engaging, and informative statement. How do you do this? Here are four guidelines:

1. Speak to critical need. You value proposition needs to do one of two things:  (i) handle a problem your listeners are wrestling with currently, or (b) help them achieve something new and worthwhile that legitimately improves their situation.

2. Be specific; name the result. Don’t be vague or too general. Get straight to the benefits. For example, “With this new technology we will be able to proactively manage our resources, no longer flying blind.”

3. Be succinct. Don’t get involved in slideshows, long explanations, or multi-page reports. Convey your message in concise, clear terms. A single sentence should get the essence across.

4. Field test your value proposition. Try it out on the people who matter most. Look for a positive response and immediate understanding. Anything less and you know you are not convincing or effective.


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