5 Ways to Get Committed Participation from Line Managers

Staff members respond best to action messages that delivered directly by their immediate supervisors. This makes the role of the line manager critical to the success of any change initiative. Much of the campaign’s success hangs on their effectiveness.

Here are  five ways to get their committed participation:

  1. Engage them fully.
    Ask them to help you with planning, design, execution, and follow-up.
  2. Communicate with them directly.
    Go and visit them. Include them on important emails. Check in regularly.
  3. Participate actively in their meetings.
    Make yourself a fixture in the meetings they attend as well as those they preside over. This requires building their trust by working for their success.
  4. Brief them on the purpose and use of engagement materials.
    Put your implements in their hands and help them succeed using these tools.
  5. Provide a significant amount of encouragement and recognition throughout the campaign.
    Never let them forget their influence, power, and importance. Acknowledge and encourage their successes.

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