5 Tips for Communicating Fast

Sometimes you need to communicate what you are doing in a sentence or two. Here are five tips to make it work for you:

1. Speak to Your Immediate Situation. Talking without an introduction is hard. You need context to make something stick. Take anything you know about the other person, and connect it to what you are about to say. If they cannot use your information, they will not remember it. So, build a bridge to the person, the moment, the circumstance.

2. Speak to critical need. Your initiative can be framed in one of two ways. It will need to either (a) resolve a problem in an extraordinary way, or (b) increase performance dramatically. Figure out which it is (it can be both) and don’t pull any punches.

3. Be specific; name your results. Say something like, “With our new real time system we will be delivering content to our customes when they are ready to act on it.”  Identify what your beneficiaries can expect as a result of your success.

4. Be concise. If you have to provide a long explanation or drawn out method, you have lost the moment. Just get to the point. Everyone appreciates it. Find a way to say what you mean in the most efficient, impactful way possible.

5. Field test your ability communicate. Get someone who represents your audience and try your message out on them. Nothing replaces field testing – nothing.


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