Maintain Perspective

Almost everything is negotiable. Stress, however, closes down the mind’s creativity, narrowing options. It is a disease of the modern workplace according to the U.N. International Labour Organisation.

Make a point of exercising perspective. Cultivate an attitude of simultaneous investment and detachment. Invest yourself in achieving results while being detached from the ordinary obstacles life serves up. Become an expert in dissipating frustration.

Your day-to-day quality of life will thank you. Your heart will thank you. Your family will thank you. And, yes, your change leadership will be more effective.


One Response to “Maintain Perspective”

  1. The imperative to change the way we deal with stress is critical. The toxicity of stress is most apparent in the $10 billion plus that US corporations spend trying to help executive win the war against stress induced physical and emotional illness, absenteeism, presenteeism, drug addiction etc.

    Helping smart, fast, forward thinkers turn toxic stress around is part of the work I do. It is work that I am passionate about because changing the way we deal with stressors, using them to positively fuel our ability to engage our potential is so important.

    I look forward to reading your book with anticipation.

    Very best, Irene

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