Take Responsibility for the Future

As children we are dependent on our parents and caregivers. When we needed help or were in danger, we relied on them. The transition from childhood to adulthood reverses those roles: we are now the providers of those who depend on us for safety and well being.

Adulthood requires another role: taking responsibility for the future. When we were youngsters, we had to learn how to survive and successfully develop. As adults, we take on the well being of our larger community. It is this very drive that drives us to get change right so we can implement the innovations that will improve our world.

It stems from a deep, fundamental part of our being—from our primal nature. As it is cultivated, it yields great satisfaction that nourishes our soul and revitalizes our health. This is one of the ways we care for our spirit. In return, we are rejuvenated.


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