Three Keys to Generating Powerful Forward Momentum

You generate a powerful surge forward in your change initiative by creating massive, productive interaction with people who (1) want to create the future with you and (2) have the autonomy and motivation to negotiate and take action.

To make a large leap forward, you need to powerfully connect with the people who can make a difference. This is what I mean by creating massive, productive interaction. It’s all about generating effective conversations. How do you do that?

  1. You have to have something to talk about that captures their interest, is compelling, draws them like a magnet.
  2. You must do your homework so when they show up you are ready to talk about what they are most interested in.  Your conversation cannot be extraneous. It has to hit the nail on the head.
  3. When there is vibrant, mutual interest, you ride the enthusiasm and momentum, working hand-in-hand to design a future that improves their situation and yours.

– Seth Kahan helps leaders improve performance. His book, Getting Change Right, will be published in May of this year.


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