Creating Three Auspicious Events this Week

The first week in January is an exceptional time to get ahead. Most people are not yet back into full swing, enjoying instead the afterglow of the holidays. It is an excellent time to gather your stakeholders together and leverage the good cheer. Here are three events to consider convening at this special time:

  1. Bring people together and invite them to share their aspirations for what can happen this year, this quarter, this month.  Build a sense of mutual anticipation around what can be accomplished. There’s an old saying, “When we dream alone, it’s a dream, when we dream together, it’s reality.”
  2. Start a new, ambitious project that will improve the lives of all who participate. One of my clients has chosen the first week of January to make an important shift, bringing together the senior team (CEO + VPs) with the first line directors to foster a new sense of common purpose. This is a turnaround for this group and promises to create greater strategic alignment for 2010.
  3. Meet one-on-one with your Most Valuable Players and find out their goals for the year ahead. Incorporate their objectives in your own, setting the stage for win-wins all around.

One Response to “Creating Three Auspicious Events this Week”

  1. Sage advice, Seth. Thanks for writing this.

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