Bridge to a New Beginning

Here it is, the last day of the decade.  Take a look at your leadership progress over the last ten years. How far have you come?

The world has put profound tools in your hands including social media, advanced communications devices, and practically unrestricted access to know-how and documented experience so you can learn from others. These three contrivances have changed our lives and our leadership capacity irrevocably.

As you set your eyes on the year ahead, how might you advance your cause given these tools and the needs of the day? What new goals will you set for yourself and your capacity? Tonight at midnight the end of an era will meet the beginning of a new one. As a leader, ask yourself, What will I focus on to make a difference? Where will my efforts go? What ends do I seek? The answers to these questions make the fulcrum on which each of us rests the levers of progress.


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