Getting the Soft Stuff Right

Professional expertise abounds. Technical know-how is in great supply. This is referred to as hard skill. But engagement, participation, and the genuine desire to contribute rely on goodwill, a cooperative attitude, sincere interest, and a desire to be helpful. In most change programs, these are in short supply. This is the soft stuff. In today’s work world, the soft stuff is the hard stuff.

This blog (and my book, coming out in May, by the same title) is about getting the soft stuff right. This is the people part of change. You know the systems will work, but the people may not. And people can corrupt a perfectly good system. With the wrong attitude, they can let obstacles go untended, ignore necessary protocols, and turn their gaze away from difficult challenges.

But when they share feelings of pride, a common loyalty, and fellowship, they will create synergies, become inspired to address difficult challenges, and unite in their efforts. This is what makes change happen fast.


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