The Secret to Creating Rock Solid Buy-In

The secret to creating the kind of buy-in that holds steady in storms of all kinds, is to pinpoint Most Valuable Players (MVPs) and engage them so they personally identify with the future state. When their identities are fully integrated with success, they will do whatever it takes to see execution through. That’s what you want, because often that’s what it takes.

This happens when you have involved your MVPs in the process of laying out the implications of your change program, and supported them in identifying the wins they will secure. You must work with them to flesh out the details of the future state that most serve their self-interest. You will know you are securing their buy-in when they are formulating the substance of your initiative.

This method works across cultures, disciplines, and even geographic separation. It requires a professional approach to knowledge sharing and collaboration. It includes connecting people to each other in a collaborative environment that generates esprit de corps.

When you involve your MVPs in the critical, creative aspects of change through face-to-face collaboration, you will realize rock-solid buy-in, the kind that generates powerful transformation in the face of great odds.


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