Five More Tips for Collaborative Leaders

Yesterday’s post was so well received, that I want to include another set of tips for those who want to lead via collaboration.

There is increasing wide recognition that a different type of leadership is called for. It requires a skill set that activates participation, releasing the knowledge, experience, and contribution of every person. It relies on getting people to think together, learn from each other, pool know-how and experience, and honor alternative points-of-view. It is the move from command-and- control to connect-and-collaborate.

Here are five ways to engender collaboration among your people:

  1. Turn your staff members into leaders.
    Provide them with the best opportunities to learn. When all people in the system are engaged, each staff member must be as skilled as possible.
  2. Leverage your managers.
    Middle managers are caught between worlds, trying to appease supervisors and align subordinates. They are the unsung heroes in today’s organization. Invest in them.
  3. Give staff members the chance to reflect together.
    Reflection is a critical part of the learning process. Many want to pack in as much information as possible. But, a short reflective experience provides the necessary leverage to turn information into applications.
  4. Use social activities effectively.
    Some of the most important transactions take place over meals, coffee, and in the presence of entertainment. This setting adds a critical dimension of interaction. Make the best use for extraordinary alliances and results.
  5. Make business-casual your modus operandi. Combine serious intentions (business) with informal rapport (casual). It is the magic combination for building rapport and getting things done.

Those organizations that capitalize on collective intelligence will outflank, out maneuver and outperform those who do not. It’s not just a case of two heads are better than one, but creating the esprit de corps that consistently funds high performance.


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