The Breakthrough Session

Notwithstanding the difficulties, logjams are a regular part of organizational life, as are obstacles of all kinds: stalls, bottlenecks, derailments, miscommunication, etc.

Be prepared. Anticipate difficulties. Accept that they are part and parcel of successful implementation. Have a plan. When they occur, go to meet them. Use them as opportunities for a breakthrough

Look at what causes an organizational logjam in the first place: leaders are stymied, people are stuck, business processes are colliding or broken, tools cannot meet or keep up with challenges.

If dealt with successfully, you have significant rewards: leaders on board, people busy executing, more effective business processes improving performance, the right tools for the challenges you face. It’s hard work. It’s often high visibility and high risk. But the payoffs can be enormous. That is why I developed the Breakthrough Session. It’s a template for bringing people together to iron out the toughest business issues.

Read my Six Steps to a Breakthrough.


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