3 Tips for Creating Cascades of Conversations

The goal for rapid, widespread engagement is that the conversation greatly exceeds the reach of those who initiate it. This means that many people in many places are talking about your effort, advancing it, without you to supervise or control it.

Here are 3 tips for enabling and inspiring others to pick up your ideas and run with them:

  1. 1. Make Story your Medium.
    People don’t remember bullets, and they don’t get excited about them. Stories not only lodge in our brains, but they are easy to remember and recite.


  2. Tell your Stories Everywhere there is Interest.
    You and your team must make it a priority to travel anywhere there is interest among your stakeholders, tell your stories, and provide access to your materials.
  3. Make Support Materials Easily Available.
    Anyone anywhere who wants to contribute to your cause should have easy access to the latest and greatest materials to support your cause. The web is the ideal delivery mechanism.

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