7 Leadership Tips for Halloween

1. Watch out for goblins. If you see any little green characters at your meetings, remember they are only annoying – not dangerous. Don’t lose your cool.

2. Costumes are in season. You never know who you’re talking to. Could be a witch, warlock, or wizard. Mind your step.

3. If you don’t treat, you’re likely to be tricked. Invest in some candy or other delights for all who come calling.

4. There’s action after dark. The tables can turn when you least expect it, for better or worse. Stay alert!

5. Many with fire in their eyes and fierce, demonic grins are just hollow-headed gourds. Give the nay-sayers a break.

6. Put a candle on your window sill. Every wayfarer needs to see a light to kindle feelings of warm home and hearth. Be generous to those on the road.

7. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This is harvest time. Share a little of your crop with those less fortunate.


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