Energize Your Most Valuable Players

Our emotional moods open and close possibilities. When we are down and discouraged, our creativity dwindles, options seem spare, energy drops. When we are energized and upbeat, innovation sparkles, opportunities are around every door, vitality increases. Make it a point to engage your MVPs in activities that lift their mood, rouse their participation, and open up new horizons. To do this, you need to understand the basics of what makes an interaction or event energizing for participants.

Five Energizers for MVPs
1. Establish Impact
Nobody likes to go to a meeting when it’s clear the outcome will not have impact. The inverse is also true. When it’s possible to change the way things done, whether through influence, policy, or access to power, everyone gets pumped.

2. Link Personal Passion to Contribution
Find out what turns your MVPs on and figure out how to make their participation in the change program a way to pursue that.

3. Improve Their Situation
Can you wire your success to their next promotion? How about making one of your milestones to achieve their unit’s target goals? Can you take work off their desk as a result of their participation? What about creating efficiencies that reduce their budget costs, or increased performance that results in increasing their revenues?

4. Advance the Growing Edge of Your MVPs Vocation
Every professional I have worked with takes great pride in his or her field. Create events that push the envelope in your MVPs chosen professions. Bring in outside experts and thought leaders as well as internal gurus. Shape the topics of your events to address the most exciting developments in their domain. Publicize big names and important topics, and request your MVPs attendance out of respect.

5. Appreciation
Appreciation is one of the most cost-effective (free) and under utilized resources available in the work worlds today. Here I am talking about (a) taking the time to get to know what is most important in the lives of your MVPs, and (b) expressing your personal appreciation for their efforts.


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