Penetrating Information Overload

People are pulled in so many directions as to be rendered ineffective at much of what they do. Everyone is pushing forty initiatives forward an inch and no one is pushing anything forward a mile, except you. You have a mission to accomplish. So, how do you get through the mountain of mandates, responsibilities, and irrelevant information?

You do it by building an initiative that helps your most valuable players, the people who will bring your initiative to life.

You work together to construct paths forward into the future that resolve the dilemmas both you and they are facing, bring aid and support to their most difficult challenges as well as your own, and create wins both of you can take to the bank. When supporting your initiative becomes the best way for others to resolve their most important conflicts, ease the pressures that daunt them, and help them get ahead in ways they care deeply about, then they will see you as an ally. That’s when they will join forces and begin to work for your success because it is interwoven with their own.


One Response to “Penetrating Information Overload”

  1. Wonderful, succinct post, Seth. So many change initiatives occur in a matrix management structure. You gain support in a matrix environment when others see their best interests being addressed and realized via your change initiative.

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