Detractors – You Gotta Love ’em!

There is a Native American saying, “Bring coyote (the trickster) in the front door, or he will come in the back door and bite you in the @#$!” Here are four benefits detractors will bring to you:
1. They will educate you on your weaknesses. 
Then, you can fortify and bolster your position by addressing the areas they identify.
2. Some will convert and become staunch supporters.
3. Simply by associating with them you will gain respect and build political clout. 
 Others will appreciate your efforts and you will become a magnet by virtue of your desire to meet with critics. Some detractors will respect you for this as well. Though they may not support your primary effort, they will become partners in other helpful ways.
4. You build bridges to the disenfranchised. This can be helpful in the most interesting and unexpected of circumstances.


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