Getting Change Right is now a Seminar

I have begun presenting the 7 Steps to Getting Change Right and people are loving it. It gives leaders a pragmatic set of steps they can take to create rapid widespread engagement. Download the Getting Change Right program flyer. Call me at my home office in Washington, DC, if you would like more details: 301-229-2221.

Target Audience: Pragmatic visionaries, leaders, and managers

The seminar can be delivered in multiple formats:
Conference Keynotes
Half-day and One-day Seminars
Two-day Master Classes

Seven Steps to Getting Change Right:
1. Communicating so People Get It and Spread It
2. Energizing your Most Valuable Players
3. Mapping the Territory of Change
4. Accelerating Evolution through Communities
5. Blowing through Bottlenecks & Logjams
6. Creating Dramatic Surges in Progress
7. Keeping Your Focus when Change comes Fast

Participants learn how to:
• Identify and energize their most important people
• Lead conversations that create the future
• Design events that accelerate engagement
• Identify critical characteristics of their culture
• Overcome significant obstacles
• Blow through bottlenecks and logjams

After the Master Class people will be able to:
• Lead change in challenging circumstances
• Accelerate engagement and buy-in of critical stakeholders
• Inspire people to join in and contribute to difficult tasks
• Put in place and support a team of champions
• Create rapid widespread engagement


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