coming out on top

No one needed a Walkman before Akio Morita imagined it, made it, and marketed it. Today it is part of our cultural heritage, grandfather to the iPod. Morita single-handedly opened up the portable entertainment industry. 

In 1946, just following Japan’s defeat in World War II, Morita began the effort that would secure the reputation of his country as a marketplace leader. Imagine how tough those times were! Imagine the foresight required to envision Japan as a key player in the world economy. You need that same foresight today!

You probably already feel the shake-up. Today’s economic crisis is spreading its impact. Yet, wise leaders are  looking beneath the surface, finding more than short-term fixes. They are discovering game-changers that will put them on the top in the next new world order. Pretend for a moment that you have Morita’s vision…

When he first opened shop in the 1950s the phrase “Made in Japan” was synonymous with cheap imitations and inferior quality. Most Japanese products were sold under another company’s brand name. He envisioned his company, Sony, as a brand that consumers would identify with the highest of quality. 

Can you imagine your organization on top? What would it take? How could your brand become synonymous with the HIGHEST of quality, the GREATEST of value? Today’s circumstances are unique and can be parlayed into dramatic transformation. Those who want to go back to the way things were will be greatly disappointed and may even be shut out of the game. Begin to think now about how your game is changing and how you can be a leader in the emerging marketplace.

On this blog I will provide solution-oriented suggestions for how to use this difficult time to come out on top. Be first out of the starting gate when the economy begins to recover. Begin now!


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