engagement and buy-in

Let’s cut to the chase. Without engagement or buy-in, you are left with two alternatives: force and failure.  There are occasions when force works. This blog is not about failure.

Force works when it is ok if people don’t care, or if they think you are wrong, giving bad, misguided, or rotten direction, and they’re willing to do what you say regardless.  Visionary or large-scale change doesn’t fit into this category. It’s sad that so many managers and leaders act as if it did. Is it any wonder most change fails or falls horribly short of its projected goals? 

This blog is about something different, a kind of change that succeeds because people get it and spread it, transforming the ways they think about their world and what they do day-to-day. This kind of change takes performance to a new level.  It is built on engagement, meaningful participation, and buy-in, which is belief demonstrated through investment.


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